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 Client Reviews

"Previously we had only used an attorney for estate planning. When we needed legal counsel to handle family matters concerning aging family members, Ms. Long was recommended by our previous attorney that had retired. Ms. Long was very knowledgeable of the laws, the court system and the processes we were going through. Ms. Long was very professional, respectful and analytical. She stuck to the facts. Ms. Long treated us very professionally and included us in the planning of our case. It felt like having a family member as our attorney. She is not a fist pounding, emotional, attention seeking person. She just used a quiet, facts presenting process to help us win on all fronts of our situation. I would highly recommend Ms. Long. We will use Ms. Long again if/when we need legal counsel."  - D.S. 

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Recent Victories
Vital Auto v. Marston (Cowlitz District Court)
Attorney Long won a case against a local towing company for violations of state towing and impound laws
Noblin et al v. Fisher Island RV Park (Cowlitz Superior Court)
Attorney Long helped former tenants of a local mobile home park win a case against the park for wrongful eviction and helped the tenants collect the judgment
Gannam v. Gourde, 417 P.3d 650 (Wa. App. Div. 2)

On appeal, Attorney Long successfully defended a trial court order she secured dismissing all claims against an estate executor​

Gravity Segregation v. Reeves (Cowlitz Superior Court) 

At trial, Attorney Long defeated all claims asserted by a foreclosure defendant.  Attorney Long successfully defended the trial court's decision on appeal.

Broome v. Rowland (Cowlitz Superior Court)
At trial, Attorney Long won all claims brought by her client against a neighbor for prescriptive easement, easement by necessity, and nuisance related to use of driveway
Cox v. Hart (Cowlitz Superior Court)
At trial, Attorney Long successfully defended an estate executor from claims for breach of fiduciary duty and mismanagement of estate assets 

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